About Us


BENETTE is a brand that designs, produces, and sells furniture and furnishings for both residential and commercial spaces. Our focus and values lie in versatility, innovation, and timelessness. Our creative team develops new, unique construction and visual techniques, and we stand out for our originality and quality of craftsmanship.

We rely on local entrepreneurs. We believe that working with trusted specialists brings the best results. We approach each order individually, and each product is handmade. Before being sent to you, all products undergo rigorous quality control. There is no room for mistakes with us.

The highest quality while maintaining an ecological approach. We select materials used for furniture production, and above all, we control how and where they are sourced. We care about the environment, and it is important to us that products are made from recycled materials. We do not generate unnecessary plastic, and the wood we use comes from verified sources responsibly managing forests – while maintaining the balance and vitality of the forest.

Our idea is to create multi-generational furniture that will serve for years to come. We place great emphasis on the durability of our products. Our versatile designs and simple, yet distinctive patterns will complement you and your interior, despite the passage of time and changes in your living spaces.